The Station of the Cross

Meta - Monday 2 April 2007
During Holy Week the historical representation of “The Stations of the Cross” is surely one of the most important and characteristic events which takes place in the Sorrentine Peninsular. The realistic setting, the beautiful costumes, the grandeur of the scenography and special effects have made attendance by the public and the interest of the press and the television grow year after year. This event will beheld on 2 April along the streets of Meta from 18,30, starting with opening of the ten “living pictures” which are as follows:

The Last Supper - Jesus’ betrayal by Judas - The Olive Garden - The Sanhedrin - The Praetorium -The Roman Soldiers’ Camp - The Holy Women of Jerusalem - The Crucifixion - The Sepulchre - The Hanging of Judas
At 19,30 the procession, which includes all the other important figures of this moving story, will begin. The following three scenes will be performed during the procession:
- The condemnation of Jesus by the Sanhedrin
- Jesus’ trial by Pontius Pilate
- The Crocifixion of Jesus and two thieves
More than 200 people in period costumes will take part in the Procession and will also include an antique Roman chariot pulled by two magnificent horses, and an entire Roman legion on horseback1 Don’t miss it!

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